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Hans Schachtschabel is passionated by the creativity of Photography .

In his puberty he had his own darkroom and was excited about the 'Zone system' for black and white.

His first exhibition was in 1990 : IJmuiden Revisited , back to his roots with his adult eyes and mixed with emotions from his childhood.

After he retired as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in 2012 he spends a lot of time now taking Photo’s and developing them in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Under his nickname Hans Falk , he is also a lifetime free-lance Photographer and runs a business :

Hans Falk Art Photography  (named after his grandfather to honor him).


In 2006 he moved from Amsterdam to Wijk aan Zee , back to the coast , nearby the sea , where he belongs.

His photography is mostly about  the sea and related subjects , wind , waves , sky , boats , fish and hands at work.

There is a specialization in travel , portraits and food photography.


Travel photography from Antarctica to the Atacama desert (Chile) is a part of his free work.

He loves to make portraits ,mostly in available light , story telling without posing.

He is specializing in taking photo's of food as it is served..


From 2008 he is walkleader of the annual  Scott Kelby's World Wide Photowalk in Amsterdam , Haarlem and Alkmaar.


His latests  projects :

Business style for 'De Geheime Tuin'

Slide show for Thika travel (Atacama dessert Chile)

Photo's Biennale Venice Italy.

Photo's for 'Haarlem culinair' tentshow


His latest business projects are photo’s  for websites :

Photo's for the websites of :

Portgame , sherlocked , Amsterdam

Imko puur zee , fish food restaurant , Wijk aan Zee

Lautenbach , notary , Heemskerk

Wijn en Ko , Haarlem

Vis en Ko , Haarlem




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Hans J.W. Schachtschabel

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Telefoon: +31 6 5493 5114